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Our numismatic technical team will advise you from the beginning and throughout the sale process of your coin collection so that you know the real market value as well as the various options to make the most of your collection

Have you received a collection of coins and can you sell them in the best possible way?… We can help you. Our numismatic technical team will advise you from the beginning and throughout the sale process so that you know the real value of your coins as well as the various options that your coins can offer you, either through direct sale or through the sale method. up for auction. Selling your collection of coins can bring you significant economic income, therefore, and before selling your coins, from Numisática Ibercoin we recommend some aspects to take into account:

Know minimally the coins that make up your collection and that you want to sell since:

  • There are coins with intrinsic numismatic value.
  • Coins without numismatic value but they do have it as an investment (gold and silver).
  • Coins that do not meet either of the two previous characteristics.

Let yourself be advised only by numismatic professionals when selling your coin collection.

Note that coins can be sold either individually or in batches.

In the case of precious metals such as silver and gold, the price fluctuates daily, affecting certain types of currencies.

Ultimately, prior knowledge and professional and rigorous advice are the keys to making selling your coin collection a success for you.

Current auctions

M0000004949 - Celtiberian coins

Celtiberian coins

SECAISA. Semis. 120-20 a.C. Segeda (Aragón). A/ Cabeza masculina a derecha, detrás leona. R/ Caballo a derecha, debajo leyenda SECaISA. FAB-2141. Ae. 7,97g. MBC-. Escasa.

M0000010428 - Contemporary coins

Contemporary coins

CONTEMPORANEO. 1 Ecu. (Ar. 6,72g/24mm). 1994. Cervantes-Don Quijote. PROOF. 125.000 acuñaciones. Incluye estuche oficial y certificado de autenticidad.

M0000009648 - World coins

World coins

FINLANDIA. 10 Euro. 1st World Air Games Turkey. Motorcraft. 1997. (Ar. 27,39g/38,5mm). Proof.

M0000007139 - World coins

World coins

HOLANDA. 5 Euro. 1997. P. C. HOOFT. CuNi. 15,61g. SC.

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