Grading Services

Coin and graduation service for coins and banknotes

The tranquility of working with the best. At Ibercoin we are official distributors of NGC & PGM, therefore, the certification of your certified coins and banknotes is always in the best expert hands. Our team will take care of the entire process from start to finish, without any hassle for you and with complete security for your parts throughout the process. Inform yourself without obligation through our usual channels.

PMG Authorized Dealer NGC Authorized Dealer

Rates "Prices do not include VAT"

Coins rates

Up 300€ 30€ /units
Up 3.000€ 50€ /units
Up 10.000€ 100€ /units
Up 100.000€ 300€ /units
Above 100.000€  300€ /units + 1% value
For shipments of more than 100 coins of less than 300€ special price

Banknotes rates

Up 1.000€ 50€ /units
Up 3.000€ 60€ /units
Up 10.000€ 110€ /units
Up 25.000€ 225€ /units
Above 10.000€  300€ /units + 1% value
For shipments of more than 50 banknotes of less than 300€ special price


Pick up and delivery at home

All our shipments travel insured
60€.** Prices valid only for Spain. Fort he rest of country please contact us


* The final prices may undergo some variation due to conditioning factors related to the certifying company, such as revaluations and / or other reconsiderations that cannot be foreseen previously.

** Price by consignment. It is possible to add several pieces in each setpoint